Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Tablets

Wrought Iron Cat

If there's one thing I noticed about me lately, I've been wanting devices similar to an Apple iPad, the latest digital craze, like the new Android 2.2 tablet from Samsung coming out in September, etc...any tablet for that matter.  I've been wanting, but I really am not properly funded, nor do I really need one right away.

To appreciate what I already have in my possession (since 2003 I believe), I have revived and revisited my VIEWSONIC Tablet PC and naturally drew something on it, something I've wanted to do for a long time.  Last night, after installing and uninstalling an anti-virus software (because I noticed it was becoming a resource hog for a by-now-old-machine), I fired up my best pirated drawing software ALIAS on it and drew this wrought iron cat plant holder until the batteries ran out.  This was the length of time this particular illustration took to make.  I know it needs more work but I posted it just the same to see how it would look published.  So here it is and hopefully, more to come...

TED Talks: Jamie Oliver

Early this year, Jamie Oliver was awarded the TED Prize for his unrelenting passion to teach people to eat good, healthy, quality we live longer lives (period).  His Prize wish is to teach every child about food...teach them young so they don't succumb to early heart attacks, modern world's current prostration (exclamation point)...that starts with baneful obesity!!!

The importance of having a healthy fit body is closely linked with one's state of mental well-being...which when applied to many, ultimately translates to how we affect world outcomes. Hope for the future begins with you.  Don't look further than your dining table, or if you're increasingly "on-the-go", what you're going to eat for later.

I don't know how to get this point across myself any more than people like Jamie Oliver have dedicated their lives to doing.  But for now, let's all give Jamie a listen.  He does you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Doughnut burger, fried butter, new foods at state fairs

Note:  This video is not available to be shown in this country...for good reason perhaps.  It sounds and looks preposterous!

My Comment:  What about pickle RELISH???!!?