Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Sackboy Give-Away from LBP

Who is this interesting PS3 personality of the month and why didn't I get any real Sackboy upon request, not that I actually requested for one?
Been playing with Little Big Planet on the PS3 since 3 weeks ago and the first impression one gets is that it's child's play but looking at the little BIG following it has among PS3 users, it's a title strictly for Everybody (creative enough to mete out it's numerous creating your very own world replete with good physics and eye-pleasing objects and decorations.) Still, the question I ask is why don't I have my real Sackboy since I'm definitely qualified as "Everybody"? Now after publishing this blog bargain, maybe I will get a hold of this little plush and dress him up accordingly...or simply put some sticky stickers on it...let it perform death-defying stunts on the garden/backyard...
The possibilities are endless.

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