Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Little Morning Toxic, A Little Morning Pray'r

Purple is the color of rain.
Green is the land we live in.
The sky so high is peaceful and shy...
Bashful is the color of sky.

Look up to see the beauty 
Look up and gaze with wonder
Look up with hopes up high
With dreams that keep fluttering by.

Let us not squander the gifts of nature.
For it is the very fabric of our lives.
We live in a place of no return...
where plastics are not hard to come by :-(

Should we wait 'til everything turns hard,
then burns into smoldering toxic waste?
Hail no, we shouldn't!
Hail no, we won't!

God save us from our self-made wasteland.
God save us from our toxic lives.
God help us be aware,
God keep us wide awake!

Let us rise from the ashes,
and prove once again that man can live with nature
the only way Nature allows us to...
With deference and R-e-s-p-e-c-t.

Say!  My little morning pray'r.

(pending editing)

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