Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adding Dimensions

After reading on both the flat (2D) and the not-so-flat (3D) dimensions both the Animation and Gaming Departments have already applied to their course, if not soon enough, I got curiouser and curiouser as to what otherworldly dimensions are still out there to explore. What's the point of stopping at 3 when Nature's math have suggested up to infinity? On the other hand, going as high up as the 100th (or a 3-digit dimension) dimension probably isn't a good idea if the late great Einstein himself settled for only 11D. So I googled the 4th to the 13th in succession and have briefly come up with a short description of each, but given my limited knowledge and limited time, the most searchably apt.

The 2nd Dimension = length and height (x and y axis)
and the 3rd Dimension = depth (z axis) both referring to Space;

4th Dimension = Time (hypothetically, Tetraspace)
5th Dimension = An American popular music vocal group
6th Dimension = Space for the Arts and Healing based in VA
7th Dimension = A Digital Imaging and Web Development Co. based in the Phils.
8th Dimension = A Team of Social-Networking Software Developers (that isn't too developed :()
9th Dimension = All possible starting conditions that lead to all possible Blank comment from a Forum
10th Dimension = From a book title by Rob Bryanton, "Imagining the 1oth Dimension". I imagine it's a good read!
11th dimension = Supergravity Field Theory or the M-Theory that unifies the five Superstring Theories. Cool!
12th Dimension = Accdng. to this website is The Father Creator principle, also known as the 1st dimension.
13th dimension = Spiritual Energy of pure love.
2 links: 1) Nonamori and 2) The Pain of Enlightenment

Why stop at 13D? Because reaching all the way to 14D just seemed plain silly.

As I have seen and yet to re-see, adding mutiple dimensions to how we see the world in plain sight means weirder and weirder concepts and may amount to nothing more than just another day at surfing the wonderful world of the very wide web, nothing short of a "superstring" if I say so myself.

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