Thursday, December 4, 2008

A note for Philippine viewers/programmers of 2nd Avenue

Do you guys believe in the stupidity of 2nd Avenue's programming?

I have to watch my favorite morning Talk Show which happens to be an American delayed feed interspersed with repetitive, totally uninspired programming coming from dare I say, a group of intellectually-dried up individuals who come up with the laziest one-liners in Philippine television.

They started this year with a promise of a revolutionary kind of TV programming. The only change I saw after a full year was an eroding kind of entertainment bore, thanks to their short adverts against a white, black and green background (the sum of all their statement).

May I suggest you change your 30-second programming, if not on a frequent basis because of your limited program feeds, then into something more substantial and palatable...something that doesn't have an aftertaste of cheap, vulgar entertainment attached to it but rather a more tasteful kind for those with refined sensibilities. After all, you keep showing your ads for 1 whole year, without creative alterations. To think that you get paid to do this very limited job is completely beyond my comprehension.

I used to work for the Merchandising Department of a local Cable Company. I may not have been the chief copywriter for the department but now that I am mostly a responsible viewer, I can see how simple catch phrases can have a tremendous impact on the overall feel or character of a channel. It's so sad to watch tv if you know about what goes behind it, who makes the programming and the total lack of creativity (not to mention irresponsibility) that goes with it. It's primarily entertainment but I'm totally thrown off.

The only thing I can hope for is that this coming year be different. If it's not creativity we're talking about (since you obviously have a knack for ennui), then it's not a tall order to ask for, is it?

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