Thursday, December 4, 2008

My first Christmas E-card

Trying to shift to a lighter note to match the Season's mood, I am posting an email greeting with a link to a great free art made with Art Studio. Remember DrawingHand? I think I made some friends there. Feel free to indulge yourselves.


Hey Ado,

Here is this years Artstudio Christmas Card effort.

I decided to attach it to my website so you can download it
directly, instead of me sending it as an email attachment.
A lot of emails won't accept
EXE & Zip files through fear of Virus attack and so
block the Xmas Card itself. (fair enough!)

So, here's the link.
Feel free to pass it on as you see fit, (What use is art if no-one sees it, eh?)

Take care,


Thanks, mate!

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