Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fast manifestation

How People are LEGO: Fast manifestation on Tridroid

My friend DJ Chuang, blogger and consultant, once called me a human Intel processor. I think it was a reference to the speed at which I would bounce around different ideas. I prefer to think of myself as a Tigger, as in the World of Pooh. Playful, creative, upbeat, and courageous, the Tigger is always listening, observing, and moving. What I've come to accept is that I'm something of a Fast Manifestor.

Lately, the social media Tweetups I've attended are a-buzz with questions about the viability of Twitter, whether it's a fad, and what its purpose is. After a similar conversation with college Tweeter @arianna at Solstice Cafe in the U-district (Seattle), I blurted out this thought: "Oh my God, people are LEGO."

Wait a minute. What do fast manifestation, LEGO, and Twitter (or Tridroid for the Android phone) have in common? Did you just get lost in these seemingly unrelated thoughts? In my Tigger brain, these subjects are intertwined through our desire for relationship. The idea that we might find relationship in 140 characters, let alone LEGO, is mind-boggling.

I don't know how gurus, spiritual leaders, or scientists define the phenomenon of fast manifestation (if you want to know, you could Google it, "The Secret"), but here's what I think it is: it is your personal passion about something or someone upon which you focus on (message) repeatedly, either consciously or unconsciously, so that whatever you are messaging comes to fruition. To the new observer, it looks like a fast manifestor (person) has some kind of luck or magic juju, and that others have bad luck or bad karma in comparison. But fast manifestation is neutral: it is neither right nor wrong, good nor bad, and often has no moral tone attached. Therefore, in some ways, we are all fast manifestors, only some of us are more in-tune with how to manifest what they want more than what they don't want. They have a certain amount of control over the outcomes of what seem to be random events.

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