Monday, June 9, 2008

An unabashed endorsement

Wii Ware while not officially launched in the Philippines, is already available as a new feature from the Wii Shop Channel. It showcases new Wii games available for download directly to your Wii console's hard drive.

Two of the titles I purchased for a total of 1500 Points to cover roughly 600 blocks in your Wii console are TV Show King (1000 pts.) and my very favorite family-oriented Family Table Tennis available for a very affordable 500 points or the equivalent of $5.00 (P222.00 at the current exchange rate).

TV Show King is a trivia game show of a wide range of subjects that involves animating the Miis you are using much to the game's overall appeal. The question categories range from Easy to Genius and it clearly is a must-buy if not a must-see for trivia buffs like me.

Speaking of easy with a capital E, though clearly not a loser is Aksys Entertainment's Family Table Tennis. With its serene yet engaging Asian BG music, 4 cel-painted charming Anime characters, highly responsive swing controls, and the fact that it takes the difficulty of playing Ping-Pong on the Wii (since the advent of Rockstar's Table Tennis) off my shoulders quite literally; this game title is the perfect one for me. I just love its hypnotic rhythm and could play with it for hours on end without fear of repetitive stress injury, and Lord knows I have one. If there is one motion I wouldn't mind to be repetitive of, it's playing with my new Ping-pong game title on the Wii.

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