Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Computer's 3D Configuration

See if you can make this work.

I live in a large hollow block. A square room averaging 5 x 5 sq. meters. It is made up mostly of cemented beams...cement for the ceiling, walls, and floors. Like I told you...a large hollow block is what it is. I can hear sounds from all over reverberating in my hollowblock room. Sounds from our next door neighbor when they bang their big tall iron gates. Same disturbing sounds when they bang their car doors.

Sounds from below my room...which seems to have quelled at the moment...that irritating sound of a tiny child speaking a dialect I couldn't figure out what. Anyway, it's just plain noise to me.

Never mind the ongoing construction work of a nearby condominium building which they shouldn't be building in a residencial subdivision. I can't fight the corruption that is City Hall on my own.

I also hear the sounds of my Logitech computer keyboard as I am typing away.

Other than that, there is silence in my room...except for the occasional ringtone reminder...that the grbage truck is due soon.

Sometimes, I welcome the silence. Make that on regular intervals, I welcome the silence. But silence doesn't come voluntarily or even regularly. Sometimes, I create noise to make silence. I have to be adamant to make it.

My mind is dictated by the people around diverse as people who don't fit in our house. People who really have no physical place.

I am trapped in my own room thinking while I type, typing while I spend a little silence. I get silence by simply typing something. I get peace by simply typing and thinking. By turning a little naked and typing something.

I want to be happy. I want to be free. By writing or initiating something, I cannot be blamed for not trying at all.

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