Saturday, January 7, 2017


     My 2nd painting for the year. This one is extra special because I intend to put it on my headboard...unless someone buys it.  You never know!  It's entirely experimental but also completely original from conception to detail-rendering; much more than I can say for my other "beautiful" google images reproductions.  Here is "Lotus" or a girl/woman sitting in a lotus position, one thing I used to do when I was still attending Yoga classes at the gym, a faraway memory now.  Oh well.  For the longest time, it's been idling away as an oil pastel sketch on a 20"x 20" canvas in my bedroom waiting for its artistic verdict; and today, I oil-painted it in, not so sure if the colors "work"!  Maybe I can still add last minute improvements tomorrow.  Maybe, I can also meditate on its mysteries.  Today, I'm happy as hell with it, whatever that means!  

Lotus WIP

Lotus Colored
Lotus Final finished 1-10-2017

"Funny how color comes into play, especially funny colors."---Me.

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