Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A little tip from Mark E Shellshear

Talent can be wasted.
To prosper by your brush and your own original ideas, should be the goal of every practicing Artist.
To accomplish this will take hard work, discipline, determination and patience, OK, of course talent is necessary as well.
If talent is great, then it is easy to be lazy, to go with the crowd and talk about painting rather than actually painting, because you know you are very talented and can do it.
 But great talent is wasted, when hard work is only talked about.
So many failed talented Artists.
Better to have little talent and a great work ethic, that Artist will always be successful.
Be diligent with your work.
Be the creator of your original beautiful Art work
Be respectful of your gift, that you have been given.
Be a doer of your work, not a talker of the work.
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