Monday, April 3, 2017

Make it happen.

Make it happen.
Living on the edge with your Art, is the safest place to be.
Take risks with your painting, be careless, stop worrying what others will think, live in the creative.
Do things that maybe you were scared to do with your Art, because of what others might say or think, do it now, be inspired.
Paint with freedom and without constraint, even if you are really scared while you do it, it is liberating.
Stop worrying if its ok, because as long as you are doing it and giving yourself permission to paint in whatever style you want to, then it is original, its new, it's pure you.
Give yourself permission to be the best Artist you can be.
Be different, be exciting, be innovative, be creative, be original.
Imagine the Artist that you can be?
Now make it happen.
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