Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"I'm Slumdog Millionaire!"

"I've walked the streets of Mumbai, and all I can say is it's not a walk in the park...but I've kept my eye on the ball...and that's why they call me Slumdog...Mil-lion-aire!"

(or what Jamal could have said the day after the super exciting quiz show...that won him his ulzimate happiness)

Thank you Director Danny Boyle for bringing it to me...and the rest of the world. Slumdog is easily this year's most optimistic World movie. Knowing how probably dreadful and utterly hopeless living in the slums could be (and that comprises a large chunk of the world too often ignored), I've found a new leash in life after watching the funtastick movie. So instead of being self-proclaimed "King of the World", I can softly declare that I'm Slumdog Millionaire!...everytime I walk the streets of Manila or even Quezon City.

Having said that, here's hoping I don't run into a tomato-throwing clown when I watch Gran Torino tomorrow. *Me and my big mauz!*

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