Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time away

A poem without R&R

It's time for me to blog, I know...
Since I've been caught up with another site to write...about.
But I guess writing another blog
if written well...will also end up with that Site I had to tell.

I realize now I'm really not at all Internet-savvy
What with all the new things I'm just beginning to see for the first time
For example my new old friends in Facebook
Or my new new ones in Geeks.

All in all, social-networking rocks...
if only you knew how to make it work for you.
Others wouldn't have second thoughts but I'm not just one of the others
Who couldn't care less but be careless with their thoughts.

More than just being widely connected,
I think it's the substance that ultimately makes sense...
The meaning in saying this thing...
As opposed to this thing that says the meaning.

After all, computers still are ruled by people who type away
And not the other way...where pure computers would simply type
And away they a race to nowhere...
Absolutely nowhere to go. Only time away.

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