Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Art Advise from the Ant #7

What I've been keeping up with Facebook lately are artworks, art groups and the like. Here's something I thought ought to share.

"In your Art Practice, think like the ant #7

To finish this series I wanted to talk about the statement, “go to the ant, consider her ways and be wise.” To consider and be wise. To consider, to think carefully about. To think carefully about all that the ant does and how she acts in such single mindedness of purpose, always for her best possible outcome. I think if I could say what I learned out of this series was that the ant was relentless in purpose, saw no obstacle as a barrier but something to over come and she always considered the future. The ant was always thinking future and working hard in the now to assure that future. It did not waste or use up all its resources in the now, but saved up resources so that it knew it would always survive, so important for Artists to do the same, be wise.

As Artists, because of the volatility of our industry we must be like the ant and work very hard in the now always aware that hard times could hit and we must be prepared for that. Work hard in the now and take every opportunity that comes our way. Do not squander your resources in the now and denying tomorrow and the reality that hard times could come, remember life happens to us all. Save hard for tomorrow, knowing that tomorrow will come. Be wise like the ant, always preparing for tomorrow while enjoying the good times of the now, without wasting your resources. I suppose true wisdom is the ability to be content in the now and enjoying the rewards of your hard work, while continuing to work hard for the future and always saving towards that future. Please feel free to share."

---From Mark Shellshear

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