Saturday, December 3, 2016

Art for All

I just noticed that I haven't refreshed this blog since January of last year (quite a long time of Internet ennui) and recently have I discovered a worthy blog to post and a new story to tell. So listen up!

One annoyingly quiet day in the Summer of 2015, out of sheer boredom and quite serendipitously, I found myself driving to UP Vargas Museum where I used to study College and is very near our place (quietly hoping for work); then enrolling in a Saturday morning Art class which I would spend otherwise idly by.  I didn't end up finding suitable work but surprise of all surprises!  After a couple of months of basic training, I ended up bagging several medals including Excellent Workshopper of 2015 from renowned Filipino artist Master Fernando Sena, all without the usual fanfare one enjoys with family and friends.  I distinctly remember not even attending graduation maybe because I hated to go the event all by myself (which really shouldn't be the case)!  Did I mention I got the excellent medal award?  I guess when milestones go unnoticed, acclaims fail to sink in.  Either that or I suffer from S.E.B.T. (Self-Effacement Big Time!)

This however revived my interest in painting mainly with watercolor, acrylics and oil.  From then up to today, nearing the end of 2016, I have collected quite a few artworks, some of which have been sold to either a kind and appreciative buyer/friend/teacher/former classmate --all much to my delight!  The pictures above are a montage of just some of my fave drawings, creations if you will (from even before 2015), in my collection.  I'm not going to say they're 100% original because some of them have been plucked out of the web, as exercise.  I'm not a professional yet and I haven't done much or nearly what I can, given the gnawing time in my hands.  But as the days go by and my earthly age keeps marching on, I have to seriously re-think my strategy in life and really begin selling, mainly for my own practical purposes.

So here goes 2016 and here comes 2017!  Story short.  Let's all have a blast!

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